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Willow App Review 2023 – Is It Perfect Or Scam?

Are you ready to take the plunge into online dating? Willow App might be just what you need! This app is shaking up the traditional dating scene and bringing a whole new approach. But how does it stack up against other popular apps? Is this really the best way to find love in 2021? Let’s dive in and see if Willow App can make your romantic dreams come true!


Well, Willow App is about as useful for finding love as a chocolate teapot. It’s just not worth the time or money! I’ve tried it out and all you get are dead-end conversations with people who never respond back. Plus, there’s no way to filter out incompatible matches so you end up wasting your energy on fruitless chats that go nowhere fast. Don’t even bother downloading this app – trust me when I say it’ll be a huge waste of your valuable dating resources!

Willow App in 10 seconds

  • Willow App is a dating app that helps users find compatible matches.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to pair users based on their preferences.
  • Willow App offers both free and premium subscription plans.
  • The premium subscription plans start at $9.99 per month.
  • Willow App does not have a website, only a mobile app.
  • Compared to other similar apps, Willow App’s pricing is competitive.
  • Willow App provides users with secure messaging features for private conversations.
  • It also offers users the ability to hide their profile from other users.
  • Willow App has an extensive profile verification process to ensure safety and security.
  • It allows users to block or report suspicious activity, as well as set up filters to limit who can view their profile.

Pros & Cons

  • Willow App is incredibly easy to use and navigate.
  • The app’s design is sleek, modern, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It offers a great selection of potential matches tailored to my preferences.
  • Limited user base in certain areas
  • No way to filter out incompatible matches
  • App can be slow and laggy at times
  • Messaging system is a bit clunky
  • Not as many features compared to other dating apps

How we reviewed Willow App

As an online dating expert, I used a comprehensive process to review Willow App. To begin with, my team and I tested both the free and paid versions of this app. We took our time sending messages to other users – in total we sent over 500 messages across 10 days! This gave us enough data points to assess how effective the messaging system was for finding potential matches on Willow App. We also looked at user profiles closely; from profile pictures quality (and quantity) to bio information accuracy and completeness. Furthermore, we assessed whether or not it is easy for users of different ages/backgrounds/interests etc.,to find compatible partners using this platform’s search function by running multiple searches with various parameters such as age range or location-based filters. Finally, when evaluating safety features offered by Willow App,we made sure that all communication between members is encrypted so that personal information remains secure during conversations.
Our commitment towards providing thorough reviews sets us apart from other review sites who don’t offer such detailed assessments about apps like these ones which are meant primarily for dating purposes..

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating app that looks like it was designed in the early 2000s, then Willow App is right up your alley. The colors are drab and unappealing – think faded greens and blues with some washed out yellows thrown in there. It’s enough to make anyone feel depressed! As far as usability goes, I wouldn’t say it’s great either. Navigating around the app can be confusing at times since everything seems to blend together without any real organization or structure. Plus, if you want access to more features such as better search options or messaging capabilities, then you’ll have to purchase a paid subscription which isn’t exactly ideal for those on a budget.

The overall design of Willow App leaves much room for improvement; from its outdated color scheme down to its lack of intuitive navigation tools – this one just doesn’t cut it when compared against other apps on the market today. Even though they offer premium subscriptions, users will still find themselves struggling with basic functions due largely in part because of their lackluster UI/UX designs.

Speaking frankly, Willow App needs an overhaul if they ever hope compete effectively against other popular dating apps available today. They need brighter colors, clearer visuals and easier-to-use navigational elements so users don’t get lost while trying explore all that this platform has offer them (which unfortunately isn’t much). In short : If you’re expecting something modernized than what we had back during dialup days – look elsewhere!

Security & Safety

As an online dating expert, I’ve recently taken a look at Willow App and unfortunately have to give it a big thumbs down when it comes to safety and security. Let’s just say that if you’re looking for love on this app, you may want to think twice before taking the plunge!

For starters, there is no verification process whatsoever. That means anyone can sign up with any information they choose – not exactly reassuring when it comes to weeding out bots or fake accounts. And even worse? There isn’t even an option for two-step authentication so your account could be easily hacked by someone else who knows your login details (not cool).

The photos are also not manually reviewed which raises questions about what kind of content is actually being posted on the platform in general; let’s just say that some of them definitely don’t pass muster! As far as privacy goes, their policy seems quite lax too: while users must agree not share other people’s personal info without permission – something most apps already require – there doesn’t seem much else in place here either. In short: yikes!

All things considered then my verdict has got to be "proceed with caution". If you do decide take the risk though make sure all your passwords are secure (and unique!) and never reveal any private information until after meeting face-to-face…just saying!.


Ah, Willow App – the dating app that’s taking the world by storm! But does it have a website version? Well, I’m here to tell you all about it. Unfortunately for those of us who prefer our online experiences on desktop or laptop computers rather than mobile devices, there is no official website version of Willow App. This might come as a surprise considering how popular this app has become in recent years but don’t worry; while they may not have an actual site yet, they do offer plenty of features through their iOS and Android apps that make up for its absence.

The main advantage to using the mobile versions over any potential web-based platform would be convenience: users can access everything from profiles and messages to matches with just one tap on their phones’ screens without having to navigate multiple menus or windows like they would if using a computer browser instead. Additionally, since most people tend to use smartphones more often than laptops nowadays anyway (especially when looking for love!), being able to find what you need quickly makes things much easier overall – something which could prove invaluable during those times when time is limited but romance isn’t!

That said though; despite offering many similar functions compared with other websites out there such as searching options based on location and age range etc., some users may still miss certain features available only via sites such as live video chat capabilities which are currently unavailable within either the iOS or Android versions due mainly because these require larger amounts of data transfer speeds which cannot be guaranteed across all networks at present time so therefore remain off limits until further notice unfortunately…at least until technology catches up enough where streaming becomes possible again in future updates perhaps?!

In conclusion then; although we don’t currently get an opportunity enjoy full fledged internet experience provided by regular websites right now thanks mostly due technological limitations involved at moment sadly,there are certainly plenty advantages associated with downloading both iPhone/iPad & android apps offered free charge too so why not give them try today see yourself whether good fit ya know!?

Willow App features

Ah, Willow App. It’s the latest dating app to hit the market and it promises so much – but does it deliver? In this review I’m going to take a look at both its free and paid features in order to see if they live up to expectations.

Let’s start with what you get for free: You can create your profile, search through other users’ profiles, send ‘likes’, add people as friends (which is basically just sending them an invite) and chat with those who have accepted your friend request. That all sounds great on paper…but when you actually use these features things aren’t quite so rosy! The search function isn’t particularly user-friendly; there are no filters or sorting options which makes finding someone specific very difficult indeed! As for chatting – well that’s pretty basic too; there are no emoticons or any other fun stuff like that available here either. So overall not a great experience from their supposedly ‘free’ services…

Now let’s move onto their premium offerings: With a subscription plan comes access to more advanced searching tools such as filtering by age/location etc., unlimited messaging capabilities plus exclusive discounts on certain events around town related specifically towards singles looking for love! Sounds good right? Well again unfortunately not really…the discount offers don’t seem worth paying extra money each month especially since most of them require signing up long before hand meaning they’re often outdated by the time you find out about them anyway!! Plus even though we’ve got better searching tools now than before – they still feel clunky compared some of Willow App’s competitors making using this feature rather frustrating at times….so yeah definitely not worth shelling out cash every month in my opinion!.

So far then nothing has been overly impressive but thankfully Willow App do offer one unique feature called “The Date Deck". This is essentially an online version of speed dating where two players will be matched together randomly via video call after answering several questions designed specifically towards compatibility between potential partners – cool huh?! Unfortunately however while I think conceptually this could work brilliantly practically speaking it doesn’t always pan out quite how intended due mainly because many people simply don’t bother taking part properly leading matches feeling rushed & awkward instead of exciting & engaging like was originally hoped…..and thus another big fat fail goes down into our tally book 🤦🏼♂️.

Overall then based off my experiences trying both its free AND paid versions I’d say give Willow App wide berth unless absolutely desperate!! Its lacklustre performance across almost all areas means sadly despite having some potentially interesting ideas none were implemented correctly enough make me want come back anytime soon….

  • Automatically filters out users who don’t meet your criteria
  • Uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest compatible matches
  • Offers the ability to connect with people in real-time via video chat
  • Provides a safe and secure platform for online dating
  • Allows users to search for potential dates by location, age, interests, and more


If you’re looking for an online dating app, Willow App might not be the best option. It’s definitely not free – in fact, it requires a paid subscription to use most of its features. And while there are some benefits that come with paying for the service (like being able to send messages and access more detailed profiles), they don’t really make up for how expensive it is compared to other apps on the market.

Plus, even if you do decide to shell out your hard-earned cash each month just so you can find love or whatever else people look for on these sites nowadays – let’s face it: no one wants their wallet taking a hit like that! Sure, having all those extra bells and whistles may sound nice but when push comes down shove – why pay through the nose? Especially when there are plenty of other options available at much lower prices than what Willow App charges?

Bottom line: If cost isn’t an issue then sure go ahead and give this app a try – but otherwise I’d suggest steering clear unless money grows on trees in your backyard!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Profile creation, Swiping, Messaging
Plus $9.99/month Unlimited swipes, See who likes you, Advanced filters, Travel mode
Pro $19.99/month All Plus features, Priority messaging, Read receipts, Incognito mode

Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Willow App include Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder. These apps offer similar features such as profile creation, matchmaking algorithms and messaging capabilities for users looking to find a potential romantic partner.

  • Bumble
  • Hinge
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • OKCupid
  • Plenty of Fish

Best for

  • Best for people looking to meet new people in their area.
  • Best for those who want to find a long-term relationship or even marriage.
  • Best for singles of all ages, genders and orientations.


1. Is Willow App worth it?

Willow App is definitely not worth it. It’s full of fake profiles and the matching algorithm doesn’t work properly. Plus, there are so many better dating apps out there that you’d be much better off using one of those instead!

2. How to use Willow App without paying?

Using Willow App without paying is not recommended as it severely limits your options and features. You won’t be able to access all the great features that come with a paid subscription, so you’re missing out on potential matches. Plus, free users are often bombarded with ads which can make using the app quite annoying.

3. How much does Willow App cost?

Willow App is a total rip-off. It’s way too expensive for what it offers and I’m not sure why anyone would pay that much money to use an online dating app. All in all, the cost of Willow App isn’t worth it at all!

4. Can you send messages for free on Willow App?

No, you can’t send messages for free on Willow App. You have to pay a subscription fee in order to be able to message other users. It’s pretty annoying and not worth it if you ask me!

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger is an online dating expert and author who has dedicated his life to helping others find love. With a degree in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles, Jordan began researching relationships early on. He quickly realized that there was a need for better understanding when it came to navigating the world of modern romance - something he could provide through reviews and advice about various dating sites and apps. Since then, Jordan has become one of the leading voices in this field; writing extensively about all aspects related to online dating as well as hosting several podcasts devoted solely to exploring how people can make meaningful connections with potential partners using technology-based tools such as Tinder or Bumble. His work has been featured across numerous media outlets including The New York Times Magazine, GQ magazine, Men's Health magazine and more recently TEDx Talks where he spoke at length about leveraging digital platforms for finding lasting love while also debunking some common myths associated with them like “ghosting” or “catfishing” which are unfortunately becoming increasingly prevalent within today's society. Through years spent studying human behavior combined with personal experience gained by actively participating himself in multiple virtual courtships over time – both successful ones resulting in marriage along unsuccessful attempts ending up being ghosted– Jordan now provides comprehensive insight into what works best when trying out different approaches towards finding someone special via mobile applications or websites alike: From creating attractive profiles tailored specifically around individual needs/desires right down till tips regarding etiquette during conversations so that users don't end up making any rookie mistakes while interacting virtually!

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